confused by wireless router setup imageAdding a network router to your home network may sound kind of scary. But actually it's the best and most secure way to get everyone online at the same time. Broadband and DSL is in almost every home these days, but by connecting your computer directly to a broadband or DSL line, you immediately expose your computer to the harsh elements of the public Internet.

You need to protect yourself from the outside elements.

Like having a strong front door on your home, you need to protect your personal data and home computers from the outside world. A Home router provide a nice secure barrier for your home computers.  You can let your data traffic out but keep unwanted data from getting in.

How hard is it to setup a home router?

Most consumer home routers are very similar and aren't too terribly hard to setup, but if you've never set one up it could be a bit intimidating.

Almost all home wireless routers have the same type ports on the back where you can plug things into.   One thing to be aware of, is that each manufacturer may call them something a little different.   For example, all home routers will have a WAN (Wide Area Network) interface, uplink port, or some port that is used to connect to your DSL or cable modem.


Almost all home routers also include a 4 LAN ports to plug in t.v.'s, game consoles, or computers. This is for the LAN side (Local Area Network) of the router.  There is usually a group of four or more ports (or data jacks) that are very close together on the back of the router.  This is where you would plug in your laptop.

Once you get things connected is when the fun begins.

The best way to start is to insert the installation disk that came with the router and follow along with the installation instructions.

If you don't have the CD that came with the router... you should be able to login to from your web browser by doing some of the following steps. We highly recommend that if you have little to no idea about computer networks to simple follow the installation CD.  If this fails or if you want to be adventurous then continue on with us as we go through a manual setup of a typical home wireless router.