This is our anchor page for all wireless router comparison's.  The main comparison table on this page, located toward the bottom,  is for older legacy devices.  Newer comparisons are being added regularly.

AC1900 Wireless Router Comparison - For most home users an 802.11AC router that is dual band will work really well for them. These routers are coming way down in price and you can find some really good routers for under $100. In this comparison we rate the top 7 wireless routers, with some of the most advanced features available on the market.  There are, of course, many other 802.11AC routers available.  Some are cheaper and some cost more. The AC1900 comparison is that sweet spot right now in wireless routers, where you can get the best bang for your buck!


Here is a look back at our top 5 wireless home routers - now older legacy routers, in an easy read comparison chart to help better show the technical as well as physical differences between each of the different makes and models of home router.

Linksys WRT610N
Linksys WRT54G2
Linksys WRT54G
D-Link DIR-615
D-Link DIR-655
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Width8.9 in8 in7.32 in10.7 in7.6 in
Depth7.1 in6.3 in7.87 in8.5 in4.6 in
Height1.4 in1.4 in1.89 in2.6 in1.2 in
Weight15.9 oz9.9 oz   
Main Features
Wireless Support
Wireless Support: Wireless radio protocols supported by this router
802.11b, 802.11g802.11g,
MIMO Support
MIMO Support: Multiple In - Multiple Out: offers significant increases in data throughput and link range
No. Switch Ports
No. Switch Ports: This is the number of ethernet ports available for the LAN side of the router
Port Speed
Port Speed: This is the speed of the ports for the built-in LAN switch
Gigabit100 Mbit100 Mbit100 MbitGigabit
Remote Management
Remote Management: Which protocols that can be used to manage the router remotely
http, httpshttp, httpshttp, httpshttp, httpshttp, https
Security Protocols
WEP256-bit64-bit, 128-bit128-bit64-bit, 128-bit, 256-bit64-bit, 128-bit
Not By Default
Not By Default
Alternative Firmware Support*
DD-WRT: This is a free open source alternative firmware that is not supported by the manufacturer
Not Possible
Open WRT
Open WRT: This is a free open source alternative firmware that is not supported by the manufacture
Not Possible

*DD-WRT and Open WRT are open source alternative firmware that can be installed on a home router providing additional functionality. This firmware is not supported by the manufacturer and could render your home router unusable if you do not know what you're doing.

Often time choosing a home router many of the specifications might be unfamiliar to you. When making comparisons of home routers always take into consideration how far away the router will be during the majority of the usage.  The farther away from the router the slower the connection will seem.  To have to best performance make sure the router is located in a central place within your home.

Also the total data rate is important.  Most of the modern 802.11n routers will offer speeds up to and over 100Mbs.  If you're surfing the Internet this will be plenty of bandwidth as your bottle neck will be on your Internet connection to your ISP itself.  If you're going to be doing a lot of data transfers between computer on your LAN then you may want to consider a router that supports N900 standard of 802.11n.

Finally look for a router that has the software features that will benefit you the most.  VPNs, firewalls, quality of service, as well as parental controls are some key features to make sure your new home router has.  If the router you fell in love with is lacking in features, investigate if it will support a different firmware.  There are several opensource home router firmware replacement that will improve the functionality and versatility of the router.  DD-WRT or Tomato are a couple of examples of replacement firmware that operates on most routers.  Be very careful though.  Replacing firmware may void the warrantee and if not done properly could render the router useless.  Check the DD-WRT compatibility database or Tomato's web site to see if it apply's to your router.