Linksys Wireless router setup

linksys wireless router setupSetting up a Linksys router is pretty straight forward.  But from time to time people do run int problems. In this post and video we review how to setup the Linksys WRT160n home wireless router.

There are two different ways to setup a home router.

The first way to using the prepackage install CD and letting the software auto discover the router on your network.  Most of the time this works flawlessly, but every once in a while you may have to do things the hard way.  Or you just might be a very savvy user who wants to custom configure your home router to a very specific setting.

The second way to setup a home router is to login to the router directly using the web interface.  To do this you will need the default username and password for the router that is set by the manufacturer and the default ip address of the router.  If this ip address (typically is different from your home network, you will need to manually set the ip address on the laptop or desktop computer that you are doing the configuration on to an address on the same network as your new router. Again this is an advance way to configure your home router and require an advance knowledge of TCP/IP.

Either way, the Linksys home wireless router is easy to setup.  Check out the video below for and step by step walk through

Using the Setup Wizard to configure the Linksys WRT160n

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Linksys Wireless router setup


If you are still have problem configuring your home router, drop us a comment below and we would love to help you out in anyway we can.

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